Date Night Ideas for Long Term Couples


No matter how long you have been a couple, you can have fun creative date nights. Great ideas to try

Bring your bodies together : Remember to plan for some stay at home date nights when you can keep the focus on sex and intimacy. Make sure you will have privacy, turn off the phones and screens, slip into something comfortable (or nothing at all), and give each other your undivided attention. Think of this as time to just be together as bodies, you don’t have to have sex, or do anything in particular,  just commit to making a free-play kind of space where intimacy can happen.

Recreate a fun memory – Plan together to create an evening that is inspired by something fun you did together in the past. Maybe you took a vacation to Hawaii. Turn the heat up in your house, look up some tropical recipes online, download some slackkey music, maybe even wear your vacation clothes or bathing suits, try to recreate the cocktail you drank. Get silly with it. Looking at pictures may help you get in the mood. Honor both your past and your present ability to have fun together.

Creative dates require that we put some thought into it, take a few risks, and genuinely desire to see our partner for who they are in the moment, as well as to show our partner new sides of ourselves. Your relationship is worth the investment. Keep dating each other!