The Secret To How Italian Women Create A Great First Date

We can learn from the Italians ( and incorporate some of their ways into what we do here, especially when we go out on dates. It is important to look your best, feel your best and exude your best when out with a possible mate. You want to make sure, though that this attitude is incorporated into your daily life and that you are breathing and living it fully. We wouldn't want your significant other to think he'/she got a lemon, now do we?  Be consistent and be authentic (with or without the help of the Italians).

All this for the sake of the Bella Figura, is it really worth it? It seems like a lot of work just to make sure people think well of you. Is it really too materialistic and superficial or is it maybe the right way to connect and communicate with each other?

So what would it be like if we paid more attention to the Bella Figura? Would our lives be more meaningful and relevant? I like to think so, everything feels better when it looks good! It also conveys consideration and respect. A little Bella Figura is good for our sanity and self worth, maybe a happy medium is the answer.