Self-Love Your Way Towards Smiles And Happiness


Satisfaction comes from our ability to be self centered enough to love ourselves!

Self-love and self-acceptance can have a dramatic impact on our ability to find satisfaction in our life. It's hard to be satisfied with anything external to ourselves if we are not happy internally.

And happiness is often directly proportional to how much we love ourselves. Self-love is an "inside job" and requires us to be "self-centered" (my friend Jae can hook you up at this website with a t-shirt that says just that!). Why not begin today?

Find one thing that you love about yourself, whether it be your eyes, your luscious legs, your amazing capacity to juggle the many things you carry gracefully, and look in the mirror and say "I love you self, and the amazing way that you nurture your child with such compassion" or  "I love my yummy booty."  

Why not make a practice of it? Try it for 21 days, looking in the mirror, loving yourself and see how soon you feel satisfied.

This article was originally published at Yoni's Bliss Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.