What to do for Valentine's DAY !

Love, Self

What are the 3 Most Important Things You can do for Valentine's Day ?

Here's what I feel are 3 things you can do for Valentine's Day for your Special Someone:

1. Find out what your Special Someone's "LOVECHOICE" is and provide something Special in their "LOVE CHOICE" :

  • Visual : Take them somewhere and provide them with a Special Gift
  • Auditory : Tell them how Special they are verbally &  give them a sentimental card
  • Kinesthetic : Snuggle up with them all day or give them a massage personally
  • Gustatory : Treat them to a Home made meal or Go To their Favorite Restaurant
  • Olfactory : Give them flowers and a nice perfume or cologne they would like

2. Find out what their preferred "Buying Habit" is and make sure you provide what you decided in #1 above in their "Buying Habit" :

  • Acheivers like UNIQUE, and ONE-Of-A-Kind or Custom Made
  • Emulators like SEXY or POWERFUL
  • Belongers like Traditional or Family
  • Society Conscious "A" like a good "CAUSE" related
  • Society Conscious "Z" like anything that is "Outside the System"  

3. Shut off work, cell phones, Facebook, Television, computers, and all other distractions or daily duties, and GIVE Your SPECIAL SOMEONE your total and complete undivided ATTENTION and Heartfelt PRESCENCE and Focus !    

ENJOY giving and receiving LOVE this VALENTINE's DAY !


PS. Do You have some ideas you think are also great ?

      Send those to me, and You May WIN A VACATION !