How To Meet A Hottie While Traveling


Going out of town? You could meet Mr. or Ms. Right!

So, you are waiting for your flight (and you usually have TWO hours to waste for that) and you have a new mindset that you are going to travel differently this year. You are going to make a conscious effort to get to know some new people!  What can you do? Hmm..let me think! There are a whole bunch of people going to YOUR DESTINATION that you have at least an hour to waste with! Meet some of them! You don't have to try to meet the opposite sex here. You can make an acquaintance with someone of the SAME SEX and voila! - you have a new friend that can possibly introduce you to a set of people that you don't know in your hometown! TALK to those around you. Exchange business cards. Ask them if there is anything fun happening in the next few days. You could be invited to a party. If you are able to really connect (say on a business level with the person, or if you have something major in common, like a frat or sorority or church/club affiliation) invite them to lunch while you are there.

Use the LOUNGES in the airport if you can. GROUPON (or was it Living Social?) had a deal recently for a low cost to use Delta's Sky Lounge for a few trips. If you want someone who is likely going to be sitting in FIRST or BUSINESS class, get into those fancy lounges and chat them up.


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