When Dating Be Sure You Are Sending the Right Signals


When dating, be sure you are sending the right signals.

1. Be playful, not a tease: Studies have shown that men respond positively to flirtatious touching. While it's cute to the rest your hand on his arm while you laugh at his joke, it’s inappropriate to stroke his inner thigh. Unless you’re aiming for a one-night-stand, avoid anything too sexual

2. Be flirtatious, not slutty: if you want to draw attention to your “assets” subtly run your fingers through your hair or order a drink with a straw. By no means should you cross your arms to accentuate your breasts or constantly lick and bite your lips.

3. Be forward, not desperate: there’s no shame in approaching a man. Other than the 100% traditional types, many men find women making the first move sexy. It’s a turn on that you have confidence.

4. Be confident, not cocky: if a man compliments you, say thank you or tell him you’re flattered. If he asks you about yourself, give him a tidbit of information, not your life’s story. If you allow for an air of mystery, it will leave him wanting more. If you act like you’re better than him/dating/being single, it will act as a natural repellent

5. Be humorous, not a try-hard: if you’re funny, own it but don’t make it look like you’re reading from a joke book. There’s no need to always deliver a punch line. Engage in some witty banter or light teasing. Its flirting, not amateur night at the Comedy Club.