3 Ways to Check If You’re Ready For A Relationship


Think long and hard about your relationship, whether or not you can give up your “lone wolf” status.

You just met, and you think you’re getting somewhere with someone new.  But before rushing into anything, ask yourself the following questions, before you get ahead of yourself!

1. Are you prepared to keep in touch with a significant other?
There’s a fine line between “clingy” and “communicable.” But it’s understood that a certain degree of dependability and communication is necessary for a healthy relationship. If you’re not the type to carry your phone throughout the day, or you despise phone calls and texts, consider the feelings of your boyfriend or girlfriend. There’s no cut-and-dry rule on frequency, but the majority of relationships require a fair amount of interaction. If you don’t want to be bothered, this is a NO.

2. Do you love the single life?
Don’t be afraid to say YES to this question!  Companionship is a blessing, but independence has its own benefits. It’s thrilling to be completely free of obligation or judgment, and that’s a privilege you might have to sacrifice if you decide to enter a relationship.  Think long and hard about whether or not you can give up your “lone wolf” status.

3. Do you really want this person to make him/her a part of your life?
You will meet a litany of fascinating, fun, and fabulous people in your lifetime. Not all of them deserve to meet your parents, attend your best friend’s birthday bash, or road-trip with you.  It’s not hard to get swept up in the whirlwind excitement of a new potential partner, and make things official fast.  But before committing and officially becoming a twosome, consider whom you’re tying yourself to.  If you truly care about this other person – their trials and tribulations, their triumphs, their completely unwarranted tirades about trivial topics – full speed ahead.  But if you could care less, think again before sealing the deal.  It’s not fair to him or her if you’re not as invested, and you’ll only be miserable listening to them complain if you aren’t truly into the relationship.