Make the first move...not sex...most of the time


Meet the guy and go for it! Make the first move and ask him out! That doesn't mean sex right away.

Read this article to find out when you should not make the first move and that includes sex.

Women always ask me “When I meet a guy, can I make the first move?”

The answer to this question has 2 parts:

Part 1: If you know the guy already, then go for it! Make the first move and ask him out! That doesn't mean you have to have sex on the first date.

Part 2: If you have never met the guy before, the rules become a little trickier and in certain situations you should absolutely NOT make the first move.

Situation #1:  He is already talking to another woman one on one.

This will make him think that you are rude and will only remember you for the wrong reasons.

Situation #2: He’s doing something that involves concentration.

For example, after flirting with the best man at wedding all night, the perfect moment would not be to ask him out right as he is about to give his toast.

Situation #3: He’s in the middle of a serious conversation with a group of guys.

In this situation, he could be a little flustered or aggravated and you absolutely do not want to ask him if he’s free next week when he’s in the middle of a heated conversation.

All of these situations have one thing in common, he wants to be alone. So, put yourself in his shoes and right before you approach a man, ask your self: If I was him, would I want to be asked out right now?

If the answer is no, wait it out. The moment will come.

If the answer is yes, GO FOR IT!

Remember always have confidence when asking a man out!