Kick Your Love Life Into Shape and Start Dating


It’s time to throw out those old stained, ugly sweatpants and baggy t-shirts and begin dating

Gyms, pools, tennis courts, yoga studios and running tracks are all great places to meet people and begin to date. So, there’s no reason to go into hiding while you’re losing weight and getting into shape. Don’t be shy, you may be in the process of looking your best but you can still look terrific while you work out.

It’s time to throw out those old stained, ugly sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. If your gym gear is stylish you’ll actually feel better about going to the gym. So, please, go invest in some gym attire that is flattering.

Here are some must have beauty boosters for your workout:

• Flattering yoga pants in slimming dark colors and a slight flare look good on everyone

• A matching zip-up sweatshirt

• Tailored t-shirts that emphasize your curves but are not too tight

• Top quality sports bra

• A sleek shoe that is suitable for the activity that you are doing

• Absorbent but fine white cotton socks

• A fabulous bag to carry your stuff. A fun bag will cheer you up and act as a conversation start in lieu of jewelry or other accessories.

Look your best while you’re working on looking your best. And remember, have fun!!

Remember: I picked up my husband at the gym 31 ½ years ago!!!!!