I'll Have What She's Having When on a Date


Often they’re foods that are messy, phallic, or make your date feel like he’s dining with a rabbit

Everyone tells you what not to eat on the first date. Often they’re foods that are messy, phallic, or make your date feel like he’s dining with a rabbit. However, rarely is there ever advice on what you should eat when a prospective boyfriend takes you out for sushi when you hate fish. Or what to do if he takes you to Italian and INSISTS that you try the pasta of the house. It’s easy to say “don’t eat ribs on a first date” until you find out he’s taking you to the best barbecue place in town. No matter what the cuisine, there’s usually a way to make you as dainty as possible.

1. Japanese: Having sushi on a date has always been seen as the hot alternative to the typical 5 course Italian meal. Not only is the food usually prepared within sight (who doesn’t love dinner with a show?), but also raw foods, particularly fish, are often acquired tastes. If you are the type of person that would rather eat their shoe, any sea creature at all, fret not. Often sushi restaurants have a chicken or pork option such as Katsu, which is breaded, deep-fried, and served with rice. Its both delicious and mess free.

2. Italian: This is the classic restaurant choice for a date. The lighting is usually dim, the atmosphere is often authentic, and who doesn’t love pasta? Except for you of course who hasn’t had carbs in 3 years. While first dates are usually occasions, you diet for and indulge during, if you’ve cut out food groups in your diet permanently, that’s often irreversible. Rather than have a panic attack, peruse the menu and review your options. At most Italian restaurants, the menu will have a Secondi portion, which provides a milieu of dishes, most void of pasta. If you’re concerned about the price, let your date order first and choose accordingly.

3. Chinese: There’s something almost intimate about the family style way of eating Chinese food. If you’ve never eaten in a Chinese restaurant before, its key to remember that the chopsticks are for feeding yourself while the spoon is for serving. Because of this, there’s no harm in putting food on your own plate, and on his. However, the tricky thing about Chinese food is that unlike Thai restaurants, they don’t readily provide you with a fork and spoon. If you’re new to chopsticks, it may be cute to have your date teach you how to handle them. But if you’re a slow learner, you might want to save the lessons for your first Sunday together when you’re sitting on the floor noshing on take-out.