First Date Sexiness


Remember, a little mystery is all you need! That's sexy

First Date Sexiness

Read this article to find out how to act on a first date.

First dates can be really difficult for most women not because they go out with the wrong men but because they are clueless and don’t know what is sexy and what is not. Most of the time, what they think is right is actually wrong. So, I’ve composed a Dos and Don’ts list.

Acceptable sexiness:

1. Wearing a skirt and heels

2. Getting your hair blown out and nails done of course

3. Letting him kiss you hello on the cheek

4. Having ONE drink with him

5. Eating and enjoying both dinner AND dessert

6. Sending him a thank you email/text 

7. Letting him kiss you goodnight on the lips

Unacceptable sexiness:

1. Dressing slutty- showing boobs is a no-no. Skin is okay

2. Being Late

3. Talking on your cell pone

4. Getting drunk

5. Asking inappropriate questions about ex-girlfriends, salary, and whether he wants children

6. Being indecisive when you order

7. Sleeping with him at the end of the night

If you follow these Dos and Don’ts, assuming there is chemistry, he will absolutely ask you on a second date. The Dos keep him wanting more and show him your interested, while the Donts show him you are a bit easy and come with a lot of baggage. Remember, a little mystery is all you need!