Don’t Be That Girl When Dating


The Clinger-just because you’re exclusively dating doesn’t mean you need to be joined at the hip

1. The Disbeliever: there’s this inevitable thing that happens when you date a guy that cheats on you. You begin to believe that every other man will cheat on you too. However, if you’ve just started dating this guy, give him the benefit of the doubt. If he has to go out for drinks with his co-workers, maybe he’s doing just that. Calm down, think rationally, and go do something other than refreshing your browser so you can track his check-ins.

2. The Clinger: just because you’re exclusively dating doesn’t mean that you need to be joined at the hip. Pick up the phone and schedule a Ladies Night with your girlfriends every once in a while. It will give you time to catch up with your friends and give him time to do the same. Even better, plan a night to yourself where you can sit around in sweats, watch some trashy TV and put on that homemade face mask you’ve been dying to try.

3. The Flirt: when you first meet his friends, its important to try and get along with them. However, there’s a fine line between being friendly and being a complete flirt. If that’s just your personality, then there’s really not much you can do about it. But if you’re blatantly flirting to a point where they’re flirting back, then you’re definitely doing something wrong. 

4. The Pushover:  if you’re a naturally a Go-With-The-Flow kind of gal, then by all means, let your boyfriend plan your dates while you sit back and reap the benefits. Just remember that him being “the man” in the relationship doesn’t mean he always gets to wear the pants. If he wants to rage on a Saturday night when you want nothing more than to have a few drinks at an intimate bar, then let him know.

5. The Gossip: what happens between you and your man should sometimes stay between you and your man. If he tells you his deepest darkest confessions, there’s no need for you to tell all your friends and everyone standing around you on the subway. Even if he didn’t announce that he was telling you a secret or make you pinky promise not to tell anyone, some things just go without saying.