9 Tips To Make Your Summer Wedding Perfect


Past the relationship right to a summer wedding by Incorporating “cool” things into your menu

1. Be considerate to your wedding party – You’ve chosen to have your wedding day during the summer. It’s beautiful, it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and it’s hot as hell. Literally. It’s understandable that you want a traditional wedding, but don’t force the bridesmaids to wear floor length gowns or the groomsmen to wear tuxes. Its inconsiderate and level: bridezilla. If you want the men to get suited up, pick a less absorbent color like khaki. And for the ladies, chiffon is fine, as long as it’s strapless and doesn’t go to the ground.  

2. Take care of your guests – No one will deny you the spotlight on your big day, but be considerate to your guests. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure to either warn your guests to prepare for the heat or provide them with a little care package. Sunglasses are often cheap, especially if you buy them in bulk, and you can even get them monogramed with your initials. An alternative would be to provide them with folding fans. Whether paper or fabric, these can also be decorated to go with your wedding theme.  

3. Choose your flowers wisely – Fresh flowers are beautiful but they can only withstand so much. While they make good centerpieces and seating decorations they are usually only seen during the ceremony, or are indoors. If you want your bouquets and boutonnières to last, perhaps choose something more permanent. Many websites such as www.etsy.com offer beautiful alternatives to fresh flowers such as fabric or paper ones. It may seem like a tacky idea, but why not check a few of them out. Not only will you be able to keep them long after you’re married, but they also come in many beautiful designs and unusual colors.  

4. Pick a season-appropriate color palate – Planning your wedding a year in advance might make it difficult to determine what colors will be in the season of your wedding. However, picking a color that suits your personality may be better than choosing what’s “hot”. Coral may be telling of the times, but it may also be the color of every other wedding that same year. Stand out and pick colors that are true to you. If you love pastel hues, go with that theme. If sunflowers are your favorite, then work around the color yellow. Whatever you do, stay away from dark colors. You picked summer for a reason, make sure people can tell from the photos.    

5. Watch out for the weather – During the summertime, Mother Nature can often be unpredictable, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Make sure you have a back-up location if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Keep an eye out for the weather forecast and make a decision either the night before (if you have a morning wedding) or the morning of (if you have an afternoon wedding) so that your guests know where they’re supposed to be going. The last thing you want is to have to make a run for it half way through your vows as the downpour begins.   6. Incorporate “cool” things into your menu – Whether you’re having a cocktail hour or are ushering your guests straight to the reception after the ceremony, make sure that there are foods or drinks that help compensate for the temperature. Have a few destination appropriate cocktails for your guests to choose from (ex. ginger martinis in Thailand or guava mojitos in Hawaii) or offer some chilled soups (ex. gazpacho or cucumber soup) to provide relief from the heat.  

7. Provide accommodations – Assuming your wedding is on at least a Friday, your friends and family will most likely want to make a weekend out of it. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for their hotel room. But as the bride and groom, you’ll probably be able to get a good deal on hotel rates if you call in and say its for your wedding guests. Let your guests know the location and nightly rate in your invitation and it will save you from receiving calls from people asking where they can stay.  

8. Give your guests time – If you’re having a church wedding, your guests will most likely be dressed in their Sunday’s best. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, they will probably attempt to dress to the nines, which will cause them to sweat. Profusely. Either way, allow your guests time to go back to their rooms and change for the reception. You’ll probably want to use this time to have your pictures taken anyway.  

9. Give your bridesmaids the support they need – When it comes to the ceremony and pictures, its understandable that you want your bridesmaids to be looking their most beautiful from head to toe. But once that’s over, like you, they still have the rest of the night to get through. You know what a killer it is to be in heels, especially when dancing’s involved (and who doesn’t dance at a wedding?) A cute idea is to provide your girls with shoes to use after all the hoopla is done. You can either incorporate them as a part of the invitation to be a part of your wedding party or present them as a thank you for being by your side. You can go fancy with some satin Toms or simple with some sequined flip-flops. Either way, they’ll love them.