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The 7 Best Eat Great and Look Your Best For Dating and Sex Foods


A list of awesome foods that should definitely be a part of your regular diet for dating & great sex

Maintaining your health for dating up a storm and great sex is easy and when you realize how much great food there is to choose from. Some foods even boost your energy, enhance your sexuality and increase your vigor!

This is a list of some awesome foods that should definitely be a part of your regular dating and sex diet.

• Fish such as bass, salmon and trout.

• Vegetables, the darker the color the better!

• Multi-colored fruit like blueberries or strawberries

• Nuts, such a good snack that will fill you up in small amounts

• Low-glycemic carbs such as beans, brown rice, corn and lentils.

• Dark chocolate!

• Red wine, it is good for your heart and immune system!

• Water! A lot of water

• Organize chickens and turkey, avoid red meat; get your iron from spinach!

• Organic milk and yogurt to get your digestive system.


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