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5 Things to Wear on a First Date


You want to be sexy and have an attraction that he cannot resist.

What is Sexy on first date? Making a first impression during a first date is key to the start of any relationship. You want to be sexy and have an attraction that he cannot resist. However, you do not want to go overboard on the sex appeal. Here are a few ideas on how to be sexy on your first date. 1. Act like a lady. Wear a skirt, no pants! An appropriate length skirt shows sex appeal and will immediately put you out of the friend zone. 2. Get your hair done! Do NOT wear ponytails! You aren’t in second grade; your hair is an extension of your face, so flaunt it with a nice blow out hair do. 3. Let him kiss you hello, a handshake is too formal and cold. Get close to him and form an intimate connection! 4. Enjoy your meal! Eating is sexy and men like a girl who will order a burger. 5. Most important is exude confidence, make sure you have on your "feminine" hat! Keep these tips in mind and your first date will be unforgettable!

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