5 Places to Find a Man That You Don’t Really Think About


In line at Starbucks: or Staples, or the subway, or anywhere

1. The gym: with all the sweating and grunting that goes on at they gym, it might not seem like the ideal place to meet a guy. However, have you ever taken the time to look around to see how many there are in there? There’s nothing more stress relieving than a run after a long day at work. So next time, instead of hitting the closest happy hour after you clock out, why not hit the gym instead?

2. The park: it’s the weekend. The sun’s shining, birds are tweeting, and for sure there are groups of guys throwing around a Frisbee somewhere. Head to the park. Any park. Boys LOVE an excuse to take off their shirts and act macho. (Not that we’re complaining) So round up some of your girlfriends to join in a game of touch football. Or venture out solo and introduce yourself to a cute dog attached to an even cuter owner.

3. The beach: like the park, the beach gives boys an excuse to run around topless (just replace touch football with some beach volleyball and you’re good to go). Bring a cooler full of ice-cold beers, set up camp, and you’ll be sure to make a new friend or two.

4. In line at Starbucks: or Staples, or the subway, or anywhere. It’s a pretty easy set up. You’ve already got something to talk about (Omg, you love venti skim chai lattes too?!) and it’s a neutral place to start a conversation. It’s much easier than approaching someone on the street and having him think you’re some sort of creeper. Their waiting around not doing anything, so might as well give them something to do while standing there.

5. The bar: yes, it’s crowded. Sure, alcohol and true love don’t sound like a logical combination, but you never know what could happen. If you get there early enough while the mood is still mellow, you might meet someone exciting. Let the cute guy at the bar buy you a drink. Or better yet, break the ice and buy him one.