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6-10 years


Tampa FL 33606 - United States



Additional Expertise

Organization, Sex Educator

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All areas, please inquire

I Believe

At Masque we operate our business with one goal in mind, to bring you and your partner closer together - inside the bedroom and out.

About Kate Cassidy

Michael Guilfoyle, President, Masque

Michael Guilfoyle is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, sales and corporate strategy leadership.

Over the past several years, Guilfoyle led the team that developed Masque Sexual Flavors, an internationally patent pending intimacy enhancement product. After extensive market research and consumer testing, Masque launched Sexual Flavors in 2011 with the mission of bringing couples closer together. As president of the company, Michael has taken Masque from an internet-only sales item to being a product sold through four large distributors in the United States.

Prior to Masque, Guilfoyle was co-founder of Climate Standards Inc., the United States’ exclusive licensee for ClimateSafe, a federally recognized certification mark for carbon neutral products and services. He also has an extensive background in healthcare, serving as a strategy consultant for Spectrum Health and vice president of marketing for United Health Care Services.

Guilfoyle has a master of business administration from University of Florida and lives with his wife in Tampa, Fla.


Kate Cassidy, Brand Manager, Masque

Kate Cassidy, brand manager of Masque, is responsible for promoting the company and its product, Sexual Flavors, to customers, retailers and distributors. Cassidy maintains the Masque blog, monitors social media and assists with customer relations.

Cassidy has an extensive background in counseling families and children. Prior to joining Masque, she was a service coordinator for Bright Start, LLC, a private provider that offers early intervention and service coordination to individuals and families with special needs or developmental delays. Before that, she worked as an educational specialist for Planned Parenthood, creating and implementing programs that focus on healthy life decisions and sexual health.

Cassidy has a bachelor of arts from University of Florida. She has received additional training in social marketing and focus group facilitation from University of South Florida’s College of Public Health, leadership skills training from Michigan State University and Planned Parenthood, and experiential training for youth educators from the Center for Leadership in Sexuality Education.

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