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"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

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About Me :-)
Mary is a compassionate and insightful woman who will tell you she has done life coaching all her life. As a single mother of two young daughters Mary successfully maneuvered the ins and outs of single parenthood while dealing with her own chronic illness. Mary has a special interest in helping clients with chronic illness, either physical or mental. She worked in healthcare for 20 years dedicated to helping others and has successfully run three small businesses over the course of her lifetime. She is currently a wellness coach at the YMCA, helping members to set and reach their fitness goals and teaches water exercise classes. Mary’s life experiences have led her on a path of self-discovery and lent her an empathetic heart and an open mind. Mary has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is currently doing graduate work in Community Counseling, and holds a Certification as a Professional Coach and Passion Party Independent Consultant.
On a more personal note,my history involved physical and emotional abuse since my infancy. But somehow inside me there was a small voice that said there was hope. I started in counseling as a young adult. To some extent that helped me intellectually understand what had happened in the past , but in other ways it lead me further away from the truth of the perfection that I am. In therapy we concentrated on the negative aspects of my past, consequently I continued to experience profound unhappiness, (what we focus on expands). I made unwise decisions regarding how to deal with my pain and make myself feel better. As my relationship to Western medicine and psychology progressed I was labeled with a variety of diagnosis's and medicated. I would get "better" (or more numb) for a while and then the pain would resurface in some way, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. The doctors, and I saw many, would then add medications and more therapy. Over the years it became a long list, therapies I was in or had tried, and medications I was currently on or had tried. At one time my psychiatrist had me on 10 psychogenic drugs at one time. I was like the walking dead. No longer able to work, I became one of the "unfortunate poor", further limiting my choices to treatment in many cases and demoralizing me in a variety of new and painful ways. I trusted myself less and less and moved farther away from my center, my essence, my life force. I lived like this for decades, lost my personal power and suffered on every plane.

There were many bright spots in my history as well as painful losses. I had wonderful relationships with friends and lovers, (I now recognize those were my sustaining angels and beacons of hope.) I was a single mother of 2 beautiful girls, and one daughter who I lost and miraculously found 30 years later. The girls and I have struggled, and loved deeply. I am grateful.

Over the years, I was introduced to Louise Hay, Thich That Hahn, Eckhart Toole, mindfulness, reiki, life coaching, shamanic healing arts, life coaching, and a host of other loving souls and practices, each giving me a piece of love, of acceptance, and guidance to push me forward and most importantly, inward. Somewhere in there I came to the knowing that I was a piece of divine love, that within my heart was everything I needed. I do not always know how to access that information for inner peace, but it is a gift to know, and that knowing continues to unfold and lead me forward.

In middle age I moved from a large city, where I had spent my entire life, to a small progressive town in rural Wisconsin. I realized I hadn't seen the stars for 20 years!

On the day I left for my new life, I found out my father, and my abuser, was dying of cancer. I thought I had found peace with him, and I had to a great extent, after years of therapy. I knew he was a tortured soul, with his own unresolved past pain, and I loved him, but more was to be revealed.

After my father's death, my heart broke open. I asked for help and healing, from god, from angels, from spirit guides, from friends, from new doctors and counselors, from shamans, from family, from spiritual leaders in the community, from herbalists and nutritionists, from yoga, from trees and flowers and the earth and sky, from anyone and anything that would listen. And listen they did! Love poured in. I made the decision to go off psychiatric medications, after two decades. I found refuge in a beautiful natural place and experienced an incredible, even miraculous awakening. Today I know that I am One with All. From the butterfly who sat so sweetly in my hands during my meditation, to the earth mother who smiled at me with blooms of pink and purple, and every kind and loving being in between . I know I am a piece of this wondrous Oneness, of Love in any name you choose. I know that Love is the answer to every question, every need, every pain, every wound. I know that Love is where and when healing occurs. I know that Love leads me to inner peace and healing and that fear takes me away from it.

So here I am, a reiki healer, life coach, earth healing mentor, and fellow human. I have known pain, physical, mental, and emotional, and I have known love and it's capacity to heal. I believe Love, in whatever form, is the true healer. Be it the love of a tree, the love of a human, animal, or bird,  the love of a spirit guide, Jesus, or Great Spirit.

I hold a loving place for you. I acknowledge that you hold, in the essence of who you are, the power, wisdom, and Love to heal yourself. My gift is to hold a place for you to expand and connect with your true nature. There you will find the power to stand in the truth of who you are, and you will find joy. On my journey I have longed for someone to see me, to encourage and support me in discovering my soul, without attempting to impose their truth upon me. It is my intention to be that kind of spirit in the lives of others. I will stand with you, even when you can not stand with yourself, indeed in those times to ask for help is to stand with yourself :-) I invite you to call me if you feel led.


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