How to Date and Mate Like You're Rich...for Free!

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Did you know the average person spends between $1200 to over $120,000 dollars by the end of a relationship? Think about it; drinks, movies, dinners, gas, bridge tolls, condoms, new clothes, shoes, candles, hotels, plane fares, concert tickets—can you hear the cash register? OH, then come the gifts, the gifts can be VERY expensive: perfume, lingerie, sex toys (don’t act like you haven’t bought one), shoes, trips, jewelry (gulp), cars (yes, some people buy people cars for gifts), horses, houses, and even stars (they are apparently selling real estate in outer space now). You can see how this can add up. Then come the more personal, less-talked-about expenses: paying off CC debt for your lover, bailing them out of jail (again), paying off school loans, mortgages, hit men, car loans, the IRS, their children (food, education, clothes, shelter). Need I go on, people? You are probably looking for your Zanax. Speaking of which, I should mention the last (but ironically not least) place we spend our cash in the name of relationship; the therapist. Oh, wait—did I mention how much it costs to sell your soul? Uhhh, priceless!

This is your lucky millennia, people. While many people will continue to unconsciously bumble along playing relationship roulette, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Studies are showing that while our senses (or lower nature, some would say) play a large role in attracting a mate, turns out self-awareness (your higher consciousness) trumps all that biological drive after all. Finally, after forever, we can now proudly claim this ability to contemplate ourselves, which is what separates us from the primates, and happily exclaim I am free at last to choose, free at last!. Soon unconsciousness will be a thing of the past, chilling folklore really, stories to be told of how penises actually had minds of their own and PMS was an acronym for clinical insanity. No longer will we be able to blame our biological functions for our libidinous indiscretions. Ahhh, yes. Liberty and Justice Mother Nature’s style!! (And I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people, dead and alive, who have dedicated their lives to following their own higher consciousness in order to finally see our being human as round as the earth, not flat!)

Wouldn't it be nice if who you really are was your greatest calling card, versus what size bra cup you wear or how big your bank account was? Can you even imagine it? Relationship factoid: Most relationships hit their peak at week 6, after a long game of carefully revealing and playing your cards, texting, sexting, skype-love, and deep insecurity. At some point this person is going to find out you’re inevitably human, the ultimate buzz-kill and eventual disappointing deal-breaker—unless, in the best-case scenario, you leave first.

As we sit at the precipice of personal responsibility, the corners of my mouth turn upward into a grateful and easy smile, for I can just see, really imagine for the first time what a splendid place our world will be when we rise to this occasion, letting go of what clearly no longer serves us; blatant impropriety and imprudence. We will embrace our birthright to evolve. Instead of blaming, we embrace: instead of seeking outside ourselves to create, we look within!

So what the bleep does that have to do with dating and mating like a rich person? It means my lovely, plucky, little squishy love muffins, (drum roll), that the number-one dating and mating tip of the century is that you—who you actually are, once you have beheld and embraced the truth that you are this amazing, spectacular expression of divinity (besides, you might as well be you as everyone else is taken, my teacher always told me)—are the richest, most valuable asset you will ever have. With this realization, you gain access to the greatest secret of all time; that you never again have to sell yourself, nor buy another’s affection. You no longer have to prove anything to anyone in order to love or be loved. The only thing you have to do is fall in love with yourself and then serendipitously collide and choose with whom who you would like to reveal yourself to in this field of Love! Price of admission for the REAL Happily Ever After—FREE. Like I always say: Great relationships begin within! For more information on how to fall in love with yourself and embrace your path of higher consciousness, get a copy of Hindsight, What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers today!

I wish you every blessing!

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission from the author.