Dreaded Scale...Can You Weigh My Worth?

Love, Self

A cry from the heart of anyone who has ever looked at herself with less than unconditional love...

You beseech me, yet your answer lies in the heart of men, where your long journey has taken you to meet its greatest task. And the truth that heals will only yield to Divine love. This and only this truth shall inherit the earth. Nothing but this truth will fill your creases, the emptiness that leaves you ravaged and loving, cloaked and haggard. Seek this truth in yourself and it will carry you forward without exception to your end, where you will be truly free—where beauty has no name. Follow the bees and grass, the sky and the moon; they cannot lie. Follow your breath, your madness and grace; they will never lead you astray. Take heed of the signs, for they are many, become a master of your native language, the realm of the unseen, your greatest ally. Do not run; rather walk purposefully into the shadow as you lead us into the light. Though you may not return to us tomorrow and many never know you have gone, be fierce Goddess and let love be your guide.

All hail you, Divine Mother, as we rise to see clearly; we are everything and nothing, straight and round and empty and fluid spiraling us towards eternity. Blessed be.

This article was originally published at Maryanne Live . Reprinted with permission from the author.