Enlightenment And Your Life


What does enlightenment have to do with your life?

Buddha said, "Rare it is and extremely fortunate indeed to be born a human. Rarer still is it to hear of enlightenment and even rarer yet is it to pursue enlightenment."

So what? What is Enlightenment? Most of my life the word, even the concept, seemed unreal. Not only beyond reach it was beyond life as I knew it. Something distant, belonging in Asia, another culture. Buddhism or whatever? But 11 years ago I had an experience that changed that completely.

By amazing synchronicity, despite my skepticism and even cynicism, I met someone who said he was enlightened.  He seemed like a regular person, the friend of a friend of mine. This chatty young Brit, Dave Oshana, reminded me of one of the Beatles, otherwise nothing exceptional at first. 

Or so I thought, until I began to experience the impact of the transmission associated with him. First as a kind of mischievous humor that stopped all thinking in my mind replacing it with a deep peaceful stillness and then as a transmission of love that began to shake things free at my core. I describe the experience more fully here on my website.

There are no words to express how this personal connection with Dave Oshana has impacted my life on the inside. How I experience my own life now is so blessedly different than before meeting Dave. The change has been quite effortless, just a matter of connecting with the transmission that accompanies him, even online. Which is really good, since I live in Maine and he lives in Finland.

But being physically connected is even more powerful. Thankfully he has come to Maine three times in the last four years. This fall he is returning to the States again. As well as coming to ME, he will be in New York City. He will offer both an introductory evening and a one day teaching intensive in New York. 

I encourage you to attend if you can. It could be a life changing connection for you. Many (not all) folks who have followed my suggestion to connect with Dave have had amazing experiences. I love to hear what they experience, as does Dave. He takes no personal credit. He credits it all to the enlightenment transmission.

To learn more and get details regarding the events in New York and Maine, visit his website. You can also listen to free audios of Dave there.

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