5 Things For Single Lesbians On Valentines Day

5 Things For Single Lesbians On Valentines Day

You're a single lesbian? Enjoy this day tby taking time to love yourself in special ways.

After New Year’s Day, Valentines Day is the most celebrated holiday in the world. It’s history goes back to a man named Valentine who defied the Roman Empire and was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and then executed for ministering to Christians. 

What fascinates me is that the history of this holiday that we associate with romantic love is about forbidden weddings taking place. Wow right!

A story that strikes close to home for many lesbians who want not just a wonderful loving relationship but the right to marry also.

If you haven't found your lesbian love yet, don't give up! She's out there looking for you too! 

Till then, what’s a single gay girl going to do for Valentine’s? Well I’d like to offer up a few suggestions. Maybe Cupid will pull back his bow and love will strike you by Valentine’s Day but if not then it’s time for you to take action and do some deeply self loving things. 

So let’s start.

1. Get a facial. Yes, it costs more than a box of chocolates and a card but you are worth it. If you’ve never had a facial you’ll be amazed at how your skin will glow and that my friend’s is a chic magnet. Glowing skin and the smile attached to it really is ultra attractive. Finally it’s a great way to relax, get rid of the black heads that make you look dull and allow yourself to feel special.

2. Obviously next up is get a massage. It could include hot stones, deep tissue or just a relaxing Swedish massage. But here’s the big tip for a great massage, find someone who’s been doing massage full time for at least 5 years. I prefer someone who has 10 years of experience. The difference in the quality of the massage is amazing. Someone with 10 years of massage experience is a master at her craft. It’s worth the extra money for what you will receive. That massage therapist is also going to be deeply comfortable and able to be fully present. Another really big factor in getting a great massage and being able to relax deeply into the experience yourself.

3. Have you got a few single lesbian friends? Plan your own Valentine’s dinner for single lesbians only. You could do the old fashioned pot luck or perhaps order in or make reservations. Then play a great game like BananaGrams (it’s like Scrabble without a board) and add a rule that all the words have to relate to love or Valentines or girlfriends or chocolate. You get it right? It’s going to create so much fun. It’s also a simple game to learn and it moves really fast.

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This article was originally published at Gay Girl Dating Coach. Reprinted with permission from the author.