10 Signs That Your Teen Is In An Abusive Relationship

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Study says that one out of three teens are a victim of dating violence.

February is teen dating violence awareness month. A recent study among college students reports that more than one out of three teens, ranging in ages 13 to 19, was a victim of dating violence. This abuse included physical, sexual and psychological abuse. 

According to the study, more than one third of all the kids who had one abusive partner ended up dating another abusive partner. This suggests that teens may become locked into certain behaviors and attract that same type of person due to the young age they began dating.

For many teens the biggest problem that abuse can cause is the feeling of being isolated. Teens do not have the dating experience or the understanding of just how dangerous this situation can become.

We give you ten warning signs to indicate if you, your child or someone you know is in an abusive relationship:

1.  Has he/she ever trapped you in a room and not let you out?

2.  Does he/she make gestures that are aggressive, such as raising a hand or putting their hand over your mouth?

3.  Has he/she ever thrown anything at you?

4.  Does he/she hit walls or slam doors?

5.  Does he/she get extremely angry while driving or when you express your feelings?

6.  Have you seen them hit someone before or hurt an animal?

7.  Has he/she ever restrained or held you down?

8.  Has he/she ever shoved, hit or grabbed you?

9.  Does he/she talk with anger and swear frequently?

10. Has he/she ever threatened you?

This behavior is not normal. Abusers use a tactic to keep you under control. This tactic isolates their victim and makes them feel depressed and worthless. No one who loves you will want to do things that make you feel lonely or sad. Here are seven tips to help you plan your breakup and escape:

1. More than likely the abuser will tell you that it won't happen again or that he was under stress. Remind yourself that this person is not being honest with you. Keep reading ...

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