Orgasms Are Good For You! How To Have More Of Them

4. Enjoy yourself. There is nothing sinful with exploring your body and celebrating the beautiful aspects of you. Stay away from critiquing your body; learn to appreciate its uniqueness instead of being critical. Real bodies are not airbrushed and they are all slightly different (thank God).

5. Fantasize. Fantasy is very important for women in regards to their orgasms. These are yours to use, you do not have to share them, nor do you have to feel guilty about using them if it helps you enjoy sex with your partner.

Tips for your significant other  to help you achieve orgasm:

1. Remember the importance of romance, cuddling, and a sensual atmosphere to turn a woman on.

2. Take your time.

3. Hold her the way she likes to be held. Many women enjoy their breasts being caressed, others don’t. It is time to think of her, not you.

4. Women may know where they like to be touched, ask them instead of assuming.

5. Many women use vibrators and other ways to become stimulated. Ask to join her with this. When you become defensive in regards to her sexual practices she may feel shame and begin to hide these things from you.

6. Do tell her that she is the most beautiful and sexiest woman you know.

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Women come in frequently to talk about their sexual health and they should—it’s important. In fact, along with eating healthy, exercise, and annual checkups with your physician it can help preserve your health and eliminate diseases. What discourages many women from getting the help they need regarding their sexual health is embarrassment or fear of judgment when they talk to their doctor about it.

If your doctor cannot handle your questions, find a doctor who can. Sometimes physicians are not comfortable with their own sexuality and if they aren’t comfortable with themselves they will not be able to be comfortable with you. Resist the idea that it isn’t important. It is very important and can make the difference between a healthy, sexy woman and a woman who feels like those times are gone forever or were never meant for her. All woman can orgasm and enjoy their sexuality. –Mary Jo Rapini-

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