Sleeping With A Womanizer? Wake Up!

How to deal with being in a relationship with a womanizer?

  • You cannot give him therapy. Bite your tongue and leave. Don’t look back, do not reconsider. He most likely will not change (if he does it will take years of psychotherapy).
  • If you decide to stay with him, don’t ever sleep with him. If you do, he will be gone shortly.
  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that if you marry him he will make a great father. He won’t! This man will never be faithful to you, the mother of his children. If you have daughters, you will raise girls who think this is how all men treat their wife. If you have sons they will be distant from their dad and they will think they have to be like him to be married.

Remember…womanizers are masters at expressing empathy and understanding women’s feelings. They will let you vent so you feel relaxed and safe. Then he makes his move and before you know it, you are making the bed and he is no longer in it!

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