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8 Online Dating Tips For Divorced Singles

8 Online Dating Tips For Divorced Singles [EXPERT]

Remember from the beginning that dating online is going to afford you the dating experience before you take a risk with actually getting dressed up and meeting them. Therefore, focus on the experience rather than any set expectation.

Here are eight online dating tips for divorced singles who are ready to reenter the dating scene:

1. Stay anonymous with your user name, personal information and phone number. You and only you should decide when you're comfortable giving this information out. Remember, once this information is out there, the other person can harass you or pressure you until you get together with them. If you don't know this person enough to trust them, don't. Study Reveals The 5 BIGGIES Men Look For When Online Dating

2. Be cautious in making decisions. The same behaviors that work well for physical dating are valuable with online dating. Don't move too fast. One conversation is not enough to meet someone in person.

3. Look at several different photos of the person. Who are they with? Is anyone cut out of the photo? Has it been photoshopped? Why? Ask questions. I would like to say it doesn't matter what you look like but that would be a lie. Most people cannot trust someone until they see their photo. Dating After Divorce: 10 Crucial Steps, Part 1

4. Talk to the person on the phone at least once before you meet them. A voice tells you a lot more about the person. Online dating is a little bit like putting a puzzle together. The pieces of a person's life should make sense when you see them together.

5. Be careful when finally meeting the person. Make sure that when you finally decide to meet, you are at a public place. Tell your best friend or several people the person's name, phone number and where you're going. Trust your gut when you see the person. You can always back out at the last minute. If the person tries to pressure you or argue with you in any way about meeting, that is a red flag. Do yourself a favor and don't go. Dating After Divorce: 10 Crucial Steps, Part 2

6. Always take yourself to the meeting place. Never let them pick you up. Don't have someone drop you off unless they can come at any time to pick you up. This is setting you up to be vulnerable and this is not the time to be vulnerable. If you are meeting someone from another city, state or country, make your own travel plans. Do not tell the person where you are staying or any of your travel details. Have a set meeting place in mind and meet them there at a set time.

7. If you feel unsafe with this person, call the police. The police will give you counsel in regards to what you should do. A patient of mine decided to meet someone they met online in Colorado. She became frightened after dinner because she went to his place and he wanted to have sex. The man was also into asphyxiation and almost killed her. She told me that she had a bad feeling in her gut when she met him but failed to honor it. Dating After Divorce: How Soon Is Too Soon?

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