Making Long-Distance Marriage Work

Long Distance Relationships Can Be Hard

3. Check in frequently with your partner and make sure this arrangement is still working for both of you. If you have children, talking to them each day is as important as talking to one another.

4. Have weekly or bi-monthly "big picture" meetings in addition to daily check-ins. This is important for partners and with children as well.

5. Living apart is most beneficial to a marriage if both partners understand it isn't forever. You can make it an adventure for three months, but after three years, it may not feel as thrilling.

Signs a Long-Distance Marriage Can Work For You: 

1. You have a solid marriage and the financial health of your partnership could improve drastically with a move.
2. You are comfortable with Skype, e-mail, texting, and all forms of digital and written communication with your partner.
3. In-person meetings are used to enjoy each other and reconnect, not work.
4. You are both committed to seeing each other at least twice a month. If your partner is in the military and this is not possible, then seeking the support of others in your position and sending care packages is important. Keep reading...