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25 years +


Katy TX 77450 - United States



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Business Coach, Confidence Coach, Consultant, Leadership Coach, Marriage Coach, Relationship Coach

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I Believe

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now." Chinese Proverb

About Mary Franz

My unique qualities…

I have over 30 years of professional background as a Couple’s Therapist, Critical Incident Responder and training as a Mental Health Neutral in Collaborative Law Teams. I’ve achieved the International Coaching Federation (ICF)- PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and earned the CEC (Certified Executive Coach) designations.

I offer both telephone and office coaching sessions as well as group sessions covering topics like “Seeking Possibilities in Conflict” and “Building Entrepreneurial Success” So, you can be from any location around the world. We can connect today by telephone!

I would like you to know…

I have many skills, processes and applications to offer clients…and many years of varied professional experiences. As we say in the Midwest: “I’ve been around the barn a few times!”

I’ve been described by colleagues who know me as being somewhat irreverent and provocative. Always sensitive. My hope is that together my clients and I appreciate and share humor and fun while we’re seriously efficient and effective in achieving their desired results.

I don’t accept clients that I don’t believe I can work side-by-side with and help them achieve their goals.

I love to work with real, flawed people who love to learn…

My ideal client is motivated and a life long learner who wants to bring their best strengths forward.

I love working with someone who knows they aren’t perfect and is willing to look at new ways to do old things and always discover some great new learnings in the process.

Helping others to be true to themselves and maximize their potential…

I have been so fortunate to grow up in a supportive, service oriented family and strong community traditions. During my youth I’ve had many adult mentors who always provided appreciation, challenge and affirmation for the person I was becoming.

Truly, I was called to the social work profession and have admired the courage my clients have demonstrated over the years.

I actually started out as a music major (I played the cello…not anymore) and then switched to education. I always wanted to teach. Yet, in an education foundations course I learned the history of education which was to “control” people and get them to comply so they would be good workers. I support responsibility and respect for authority and all, yet, an emphasis on control rather than freeing the uniquely best in each person was my passion.

My older brother suggested social work. He has always had a way of showing up for me at critical life passages. He was right!  The Social Work Profession was a natural fit for me because of the values, knowledge and skills to help people self-determine and the ultimate belief in each person’s uniqueness and potential to contribute.

With a smile I introduce myself as someone who is totally comfortable with emotions…all kinds of emotions, but blood-- not so much.  I may be a “bleeding heart” (although I do have considerable talent at encouraging people to take responsibility and the consequences which follow), but being around blood, I retreat.

A favorite book a graduate clinical social work professor shared has a title that sums up my philosophy…If You Meet the Buddha On the Road, Kill Him by Sheldon B. Kopp. Basically, no one knows better what is right for you than you, my friend. So very true.

Coaching is a natural fit to the professional I already am…

Coaching is all about using positive psychology and emphasizes the strengths each person brings to a situation… so appealing and a great fit with who I am and my values as a professional.

Throughout my career, powerful mentors, teachers, therapists and coaches have given me their time, energies and commitment while encouraging me to become the best person and professional I am today.

I owe so many the deepest gratitude. I’m so fortunate to love what I do and be enriched by others daily.

Coaching allows me to be a part of an unfolding that is uniquely owned by my coaching client. The creativity and resourcefulness is amazing as we work together.

I never know how coaching is going to help someone… I trust the process… and desired results happen.

You can have your successful business and dream life. Book a I’ve got this!” Strategy Session with me. Get some great ideas for keeping boundaries with loved ones by getting your free copy of Saying NO Checklist today! Let’s get started.