Blessings Come in Many Forms


Appreciate God's Grace.

After attending an event in San Francisco on my birthday(February 23), I decided to take BART home. When I arrived on the train, I noticed there were no seats available. I found myself getting angry and complaining to myself about the situation. Moments later, I noticed a man with cerebral palsy enter the train. He was struggling with some packages in his hands and one of them tore, and fell on the floor.

He immediatley sat down in a sit by the door but the one of  packages was still in the middle of aisle. In a train full of people, I was the only one who bothhered to help the man. I picked up the package and somehow I knew to place the package by his foot because he was not able to speak clearly. I stood by my new friend in case he needed farther assistance eventhough I'm painfully shy in public. 

10 minutes later, he signaled to me that he was ready to leave the train, by sliding the package toward me with his left foot. The man got up, I placed the package in the middle of his chest because he said me, "Up"! (meaning place the package chest level). He grabbed the package with his left arm, gave me a look of  gratitude I will never forget and he was on his way.

Just minutes before I complained about having to stand on the train. Now, I'm trying my hardest not to grin from ear to ear. I knew that God used the man on the train as a vessel, so I could receive this message: "Stop counting your problems and start counting your blessings!" I have God in my life, have two arms, two legs, and people who truly love me, etc.! What in the world am I complaining about?!

When the man left the train alot of seats were available but I refused to sit. How can I sit? God is talking to me and I have a joy in my heart that I can't contain. What gets me the most, is the man on the train didn't complain, he was actually happy. He was out and about, and enjoying his day :-) I hear you Lord! Thank you for your blessings!