Single Ladies Give Yourself a Gift This Year!


Top 10 things Single Ladies can do to give themselves a boost this Valentine's Day.

Oxytocin is a stress reducing hormone released in women. When a woman does somthing that produces Oxytocin, her Cortisol (stress hormone) levels begin to drop and she starts to feel less stressed and more relaxed. Below is a list of 10 sure fire ways a women can produce Oxytocin for herself this Valentine's Day. Some of them might just surprise you.


1. Get a massage

2. Get your hair done

3. Get a manicure or pedicure

4. Take yourself on a shopping spree

5. Volunteer or give to a charity

6. Go to the theatre, a concert, or dance performance

7. Host an intimate gathering of your closest friends

8. Spend time at the beach, a river, or a lake

9. Go to an art musuem or a cultural event

10. Hand write your future self (and a few close friends if you like) a love note