Mars Venus is Walking in Her shoes


When our relationships begin to fail us, do we become more in-tune with the other person, or do we tend to shift to communicating in styles that are automatic? When we become more stressed out, is it easier to listen to the other person, or does the voice in our head over power our best intentions, because we want our needs met first?

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a man who was tired of being told how he should change to make his marriage better to his wife. He was having difficulty understanding why it was important to know how his wife kept track of the health of their relationship, as opposed to how he kept track of how well their relationship was going. I was using Dr. John Gray’s interpretation of how men and women score points differently in a relationship, and instead of using this interpretation as a way to diffuse tension, and view the differences in a light-hearted manner—it back-fired, big time. Any Mars Venus Coach will tell you when we’re explaining these relationship principles, if the interpretation resonates and sounds good with you—take it, use it, run with it. Read More...

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