Mars Venus on Venusians Self Promoting


Don't be left behind. Learn to speak up.

It’s amazing how some people are natural self promoters in the workplace. Normally men are more apt to promote themselves then women. That’s not to say women don’t want promotion, the majority of them just don’t speak up. John Gray’s, author of Mars Venus, point of view is clear in listing the differences on how Martians and Venusians promote themselves.

1) Women will wait to be asked what they think. Where a man will just speak up.
Venusians are very polite that way. In the corporate world you have to speak up or you just don’t get noticed. Others, even more Martian females, will speak up and make their presence known stealing your thunder and ultimately that promotion you wanted. Venusians needs to learn effective ways to communicate their expectations.

2) Men assume if you have something to say, you will speak up.
Men are that way with each other. They feel you have to speak up or you just don’t get heard. They expect women to know that and be the way. However, men need to know to bring the Venusians into the conversation and ask what their thoughts are so they feel included. Read more

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