Mars Venus Talks About Quikies


You should never allow a busy schedule get in the way of loving each other.

We’re all pressed for time. Whether it is due to our jobs, raising a family, or both—many couples find themselves dropping into bed at the end of the day. Often, one partner is ready and hoping for sex, while the other partner is not interested, trying to get interested, but too tired, or already asleep. So who says you can’t wake your partner up for a quickie? Did you know that men’s testosterone peaks in the morning? One small aspect of a thriving sex life, are quickies where one partner or both may or may not orgasm in a short amount of time. Today Mars Venus will focus on the art of quickies.

Sometimes the word “quickie” is a turn-off. However, Mars Venus believes, if you incorporate short bursts of sex into your sex life, then you can increase how often you make love. In order for this to work, you also have to incorporate home-cooked sex where you both pleasure each other during foreplay and let things simmer for as long as you’d like AND plan romantic sex where you use candles, dimmed lights, massage oil, flowers, dinner and the works.  Read More..



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