Mars Venus talks about Complacency at Work


Procrastination and complacency are two blocks any of us can fall prey.

We all have moments when we procrastinate at work. Mars Venus believes, we typically procrastinate when we are stressed out and need to re-energize; we’re a little anxious as we’re figuring out the day’s priorities; or we have a few minutes to kill say before a meeting, between a project and lunch, waiting to talk to a co-worker or it’s almost time to go home. Procrastination and complacency are two blocks any of us can fall prey. One is much direr than the other; both can impede productivity, efficiency, creativity, and growth at work. Complacency, however, when it takes root can be deadly infectious to our success, and mark the beginning of our failure to meet our customer’s demands. When we are satisfied with our success, but are unaware of deficiencies or that we’ve fallen into this lull we stop growing. Mars Venus coaches corporations to effectively motivate employees for success. Successful employees equates to successful businesses.

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