Mars Venus Measures Who is more on Fire


The Different Ways Men and Women Handle Stress

As we get older we start to feel the results of ageing caused by the decrease of hormone production. By the time men and women have reached the age of 50, we have lost at least half of their hormone production. For so many women who have chosen to bypass hormone replacement therapy for alternative therapy; the information found in John Gray’s book Venus on Fire Mars on Ice is highly useful. Teaches you to teach your body produce the good hormones naturally. Men and Women have their good hormones that keep them young, vibrant and sexually active. For men it’s “Testosterone”, for women it’s “Oxytocin.”

Now as I said before men’s testosterone level will drop as he ages but what most people don’t know is his levels will change on a daily basis. The stresses of the job, the commute and life in general will make testosterone drop like a lead brick. Leaving most men feeling like a grumpy old man crawling to the nearest fortress of solitude for relief more commonly called the “Man Cave.” Yes ladies “The Man Cave” actually exists and it is a useful tool for both man and woman.  Read More

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