Keeping Up with Your New Year's Resolution


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced the sudden burst of motivation that comes around this time of year. So many of us experience an urge to commit to the required dedication to take a low level priority in our life and make it the successful reality we deserve. Motivation is the easy part. Follow through is when the eye-opening realizations of the level of commitment required to obtain and maintain our desired goal start to occur. Because of this very reason, New Year’s resolutions are often notoriously short lived. The trick to making resolutions work is to follow the same steps required to make any goal work; devise a plan. Devising a plan should be the first step; following through with the tips provided below should be the next step.

Many people are virtually assured to fail because of one simple fact; they didn’t pick a realistic resolution for themselves. It is very important that you pick a goal that you believe and seriously intend to achieve.

Can you actually visualize yourself achieving the goal? Visualizing your goals is not only a great motivator but also a great reminder. Make sure to choose the right resolution for the right reasons. Once you have devised your plan, it is essential to set time to work on your goal. It is important to schedule this time into your calendar; therefore, you have an appointment and are more likely to keep it. It is also important to constantly reevaluate your progress. Make any adjustments where needed and keep moving forward. It is imperative that you not let any conflicts deter you from progress. When you are faced with any conflicts, simply take a look at your plan and make the appropriate adjustments and keep moving forward.

This is true if you miss an appointment you set for your goal. If you didn’t follow through with your plan on Monday, pick right back up on your next schedule time. Lastly, it is important to recognize the need to hire a professional. A Mars Venus Coach provides the accountability necessary to ask the tough questions that most of us don’t ask ourselves. Whether you are faced with achieving the success of your personal New Year’s resolution or the success of your small business, a Coach in this day age is no longer considered a luxury it is fast becoming a necessity.

Tips for Successful New Year’s Resolutions

* Choose the right resolution
* Devise a plan
* Commit – Write down/Announce your resolution
* Schedule time on a daily/weekly basis to commit to your goal
* Monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments
* Once you reach your goal continue maintaining it