Back to School with Mars Venus Coaching


Relaying positive message to our children gives builds confidence.

As John Gray, PhD, so famously states Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus and all Children are from Heaven. Societies throughout the world are currently undergoing a global shift in consciousness to the possibilities that lay ahead for us when we focus on relaying positive messages and reinforcing positive behaviors.

When we focus our attention and are intentional in making our interactions with others positive, then we get more of what we do want. This type of positive, intentional interacting is not limited to adults. In fact, if we can model and teach our kids how to engage in this manner, there will be more time to enjoy each other as a family. Time outs, temper tantrums, and power struggles will diminish and be reduced the more we convey to our children the following five positive messages.

 In the last few weeks of summer vacation, now is the perfect time to re-establish the school routine. Speaking with our children in a positive manner now will create structure for them .. read more

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