Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed Attend Marriage BootCamp California


Who is Coach Tina Konkin? Watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Oct 17 on A&E & watch Wedding Boot Camp!

Recently, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed attended our “Marriage BootCamp California” which will be featured as part of their “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” reality show. Marriage Help Centers partnered in a “Private Couples Retreat” in Orange County, which is run quarterly, for those who are seeking a more private and intimate setting.

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed worked hard and participated 110% in our intensive and experiential games and drills. They had an amazing experience, got very real, and shortly afterwards, they got married!

The whole weekend was filmed and will be airing on “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” on A&E Monday, October 17, 2011 at 6:00pm & 8:00pm (PST). Tune in for plenty of drama, tears, laughter and healing as Gene and Shannon work through their personal baggage and their relationship issues. Of course, you will only get to see clips of the program, so come and experience it for yourself. The “Couples Retreat” is held in a beautiful location with only 4-8 couples.

Go to: www.marriagehelpcenters.com or www.couplesretreat.com or call 949-734-LIFE (5433) to reserve your spot, as space is limited.

Of course, we also have our monthly “Relationship BootCamp” which is available for anyone and everyone.

Disclaimer: The Couples Retreat for Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed was specifically customized for a shorter time-frame. Exercises and drills were taken from various programs that we have facilitated.

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Marriage Help Centers offers the renown intensive Relationship BootCamp, the Marriage BootCamp California, the Exclusive Couples Retreat, The Life Reality BootCamp, and the 8-Hour Mini BootCamp.

The Relationship and the California Marriage BootCamp is an intense four-day program for all couples. The programs use interactive games and drills (many created by Dr. Phil) designed to help facilitate growth and healing for couples and individuals.