Online Dating Advice for Women That You Need to Know


Over 40 million people use online dating sites. Before you jump on board, you'll want to read this n

6. Communicate several times before going on a date, but not too many times!
Aim to meet someone you are corresponding with online within 10 days.  Lingering in emails and texts can cause you to feel close to someone you don’t even know yet. This also does not mean that if a man you are emailing with has not asked you out, that you should ask him out!
If he is continually emailing you without asking you out, you can politely let him know that you would like to meet.  Let him take if from there. My favorite language goes something like this, “I have enjoyed getting to know you online, but I know that for me and what I am looking for, meeting is really important.  What about you?”
7. Leave the hour long phone calls for after you’ve already gone out on a date.
Just because you have an hour long phone call with someone you’ve met online, does not mean that there is a guaranteed in-person spark.  Leave this for after you’ve already determined that this person could be a match for you!
8. It is okay to initiate contact with a man online – and  if he doesn’t write you back…
Do Nothing.   Move on.  Create the space needed to allow someone else to ask you out.  If someone writes you and you are not interested, it’s nice to  send him an email letting him know that you are flattered by his inquiry, but that you just don’t think you are a match.  And then get to the other messages in your inbox….
9.  Manage your expectations.  
No one is capable of describing themselves perfectly, and your date may not be exactly what you were hoping for. But remember that you are either going to get to know more about this person or part ways, and either option is fine.  The value of each experience you have online dating in general is one powerful step towards finding love.  Remember, not every “at bat” is a home run!
10.  Have fun!
It is easy to forget to enjoy dating, but it is really a time for you to figure out what does and does not work for you.   Remember, you might have to meet a few Mr. Wrongs before you meet Mr. Right, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good time during the process.