Online Dating Advice for Women That You Need to Know


Over 40 million people use online dating sites. Before you jump on board, you'll want to read this n

Online dating is a new realm for many women.   It can be daunting, as well as confusing, so here’s some need-to-know online dating advice for women to make navigating the online dating “jungle”  a little bit easier.
1. Make your profile great.
One of the keys to successful online dating is a well written profile.   When it comes to profile text, be brief and unique.  Men don’t want to read the usual “blah blah blah” of why you are fabulous, a list of your hobbies, and how you “work hard and play hard.”  Instead, use language that enables him to imagine, in his mind’s eye, the two of you doing the things you love to do together!
Specificity will make you stand out!  For example, rather than saying “I love to go to jazz clubs and hike in Runyon Canyon,” you could say, instead, “If we are a match, the perfect weekend may include checking out the latest jazz club, staying up just a bit too late, sleeping in guilt free, lots of cuddle time, and then spending our afternoon on the hiking trail where we talk, laugh, and plan which movie to go see later.”
2. Post Recent Photos.
If you are okay with you who are, someone else you meet is going to be okay with who you are too.  Keep your photos casual and recent. Be honest about who you are; uploading both a headshot and a body shot helps, and try not to include too many other people in your photos.
3. Use good grammar!
Spelling errors, bad grammar and  too many acronyms do not make the best first impression.  Be literate, and use full sentences when writing messages to people you are communicating with. Remember, your online profile is not a giant text message box.  Spell out the words “you” instead of “u.”  Avoid LOL and other text -based language.  Capitalize your sentences, use commas and be complete in your thoughts.
Remember, you are making a first impression and you want men to easily rule you “in,” rather than find a way to quickly rule you “out.”
4. Determine what type of site is best for you.
There are general dating sites, and there are also  relationship services.  You just  have to decide which is best for you.  A general dating site would be something like  If you are more interested in marriage or a more serious relationship, a site like might be a better choice for you.
5. Avoid white lies.
Posting a photo that is more than 9 months old, or lying about your age are two common white lies when it comes to online dating.  Always be honest about what you are posting.  If you do want to impact the site algorithm and attract men who are younger or older, simply give a “heads up” notice in the first line or two of your “about me” section.  For example, “Just a heads up!  In order to make sure I don’t miss out on a great match because of age discrimination and algorithm based matching, I want to let you know that I was actually born in 1966!”

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