"Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge" Day 2


Ramp Up Your Feminine Sex Appeal without Being Slutty!

Aloha Dignity Daters, and welcome to day two of the "Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge: 3 Steps to Tell the Difference Between a Player and the Guy Who is Looking For Love!"
If you're still with us it means you are ready for the next step in the "Super Me" Meet Your Man Challenge! You should applaud yourself for being here, and for being brave and bold in the New Year. If you continue to follow these three simple steps, you will be on your way to a new and improved you, easily able to attract (and recognize) the quality man who is truly looking for love.

And now, step two of the "Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge"...

Step Two: Ramp Up Your Feminine Sex Appeal Without Being Slutty!
Men are aesthetic beings, so the first thing they often notice is how you look. But, guess what? They are not all looking for the perfect ten. The mature, relationship ready man doesn't need a woman to be a size two for him to be interested. What this man does want, and what he notices right away, is a woman who carries herself with confidence. He will notice if you are smiling. He'll notice how at ease you are in a room full of people. And he will notice how confident you are regardless of your size, age or wrinkles.

I know, some women make this kind of confidence look effortless. But instead of secretly (or not so secretly!) hating them for their grace and ease, take a page from their playbook and develop that same self-assurance in yourself.
First, get in touch with your sensuality. The New Year is the perfect time to shed the frumpy gray sweatshirt you've been donning since October and get back in touch with your sensual, feminine body. The gym in January will be full of people working to improve their bodies (not to mention tons of men!), so get your butt in there! If the gym isn't your scene, hit the bike path a few days a week. Buy healthy cookbooks. Pledge to eat more fruits and vegetables, and less processed junk from the freezer aisle. Take a healthy cooking class to get on the right track.

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