3 Tips For A Quick Recovery After Your Breakup

Love, Heartbreak

Breakups, to put it simply, can really suck. Here are tips to make your healing process much easier.

Yes, you may compare him to your ex or miss your ex during or after the date, but putting yourself back into the dating pool can be good for you! You don't have to find your next significant other in two weeks, but getting to know new people is a great way to remember how awesome you are.

If you feel ready for it, you can even try online dating; make sure to find a site that's a good match for what you're looking for. Getting out there and being available and open to meeting someone new is not only good for the ol' ego, but it's also good for your spirits. It might take a while for you to feel ready, but don't wait too long. You're too special to not get out there.

3. Focus on you.

Being in a relationship is fantastic, but sometimes, if it's not the healthy kind, you can lose yourself a little. Take this opportunity to make yourself a priority. Take a solo trip, get a new haircut, try that vegetarian diet your ex-boyfriend wouldn't try with you. Maybe now you can take the 7a.m. Saturday morning beach boot camp class you'd had your mind set on for months but couldn't go to because your ex said it woke him up if you went that early.

Cherish yourself, be kind to you and love yourself by taking actions that are LOVING to you. As Heidi Klum recently said about starting over after her breakup, "I've learned that you wake up in the morning, hopefully the sun is still shining and you just keep on going." So just keep on going. You've got it, and time does heal all wounds.