How To Avoid Moving Too Fast In A New Relationship

woman kissing man on the cheek

2. Get excited, and pace the dating process appropriately. This means don’t put him up on a pedestal and decide he is “everything” until he has CONSISTENTLY shown you who he truly is through his actions OVER TIME. And, when I tell you to do this “over time,” I don’t mean one or even three weeks. I am talking two months — 3 months down the road. How is he showing up six months down the line when he feels that perhaps he has “caught” you and the relationship has settled into some sort of routine? Remember, your job is to consistently collect data about this person’s values, their interests and who they TRULY are once you step outside the “LOVE BUBBLE!”

3. HAVE FUN! I call it “Data Dating” and it is the 10th Step of my “Process to Manifesting Love of Self and Others.” Not only are you learning about him when you are Data Dating, but you are also HAVING FUN! Experience each date without the judgement of asking yourself whether he is it, or NOT it. Move away from “black and white” thinking to be present in each moment. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy him. And, if it is not a match, be willing to simply move on — without drama — to have another turn “at bat” with someone else.

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