Does He Want to Marry Me? A Guide to Getting Engaged


Four Signs He Wants to Commit for the Long Haul

A quick quiz for all you Dignity Daters out there who are curious if the man you’re dating wants to marry you. Do you find yourself wondering “Does he want to marry me?” regularly? After one or two years together (or maybe three or four!), it’s natural for you to start thinking about the “M” word…

That’s right: marriage. If you’re truly questioning if your man wants to marry you, do make sure you pay attention to his actions. For those who are genuinely confused (And for good reason, as these men we speak of can be very confusing!), here is the Dating with Dignity Guide to Getting Engaged.

There are a few surefire signs that your man is in it to win it–and that means winning your hand in marriage. Here are four signs he wants to commit for the long haul:

1. He includes you in his future plans

If your boyfriend can plan only ahead a few days, chances are he might not see you in his permanent future. A man who plans to spend the rest of his life with someone will be okay with (and excited about) planning for trips together in the distant future: months ahead, or even into next year. If he says “we” often instead of only “me,” this means he can see you in his life for longer than the span of your dating relationship.

Have you been on a vacation together yet? Have you talked about going on a vacation together? Has he discussed whether he thinks your kids would have his eyes or your nose? Do you live together? Have you talked about living together? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, there’s a good chance he wants to marry you.

2. He makes sure you meet his family and friends

If you find yourself getting invited to every possible family function and every friend-laden BBQ or birthday party, consider yourself in a good position for a ring. A man who wants to marry you will want you to meet and get to know his family well. He’ll also want to make sure you get along with his friends, so it’s important to note if he attends most of his friend’s functions solo or with you on his arm at every one. If you’ve met your potential in-laws at least once (and it went well), it’s a good indicator that if he feels comfortable enough introducing you to his parents, he’ll feel comfortable enough getting down on one knee.

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