8 First Date Tips You Need To Know


Follow these 8 first date tips in order to get dates two, three, and beyond!

Whether you’re just getting back into the dating game or you’ve been in the zone for months, making sure you don’t make these critical first date mistakes can ensure you get dates two, three and beyond! Dating with dignity has the eight first date tips you NEED to know to break the pattern of chronic first-date only dating.

No Pressure: Don’t hold yourself up to a standard of perfection. Trying to remind yourself to be the most witty, attractive, intelligent, ten out of ten will most likely cause you to be nervous. It’s impossible to get a second or third date with the right partner when you’re trying to be chameleon and become what you think he’s looking for. Instead, show up as your authentic, real-deal self. Your date can sense your nerves whether you know it or not, because trying to fit into someone else’s box can cause you to emanate a vibe of "over-eagerness" that will definitely turn off your date.

Don’t stay glued to your phone during the date: The absolute best way to let someone know you’re NOT interested in them is to be Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking and not looking at them instead of actually talking to him while you’re on the date. Leave your phone in your purse, turn it on silent and don’t check it unless you absolutely need to; and if you do, use a bathroom trip as your time to do it. Bonus tip: If you arrive first, keep your phone in your purse. When he arrives, it’s optimum that he see you phone free, head up!

Be present and listen: If you spend the whole date eavesdropping on the table next to you or trying to get a sneak peak at the cute bartender, it’ll be hard to focus on you and your date’s conversation. Stay out of your head and focus on him. Take a minute before you arrive to remind yourself to be in the moment and allow the date to unfold as it goes.

Don’t overshare: Bottom Line: Don’t overshare your credit score, medical records or family history. There’s no reason ever to share this type of information on a first date. The name of your ex-boyfriend, the number of speeding tickets you have, and every minute detail of your job description are all unnecessary pieces of information for your first date. Feel free to tell the story about your road trip last summer, but don’t include super personal details about your life just yet. Keep Reading...

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