5 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone


Are you crushing on your friend? Here's how to play it cool.

Wrap up the conversation with something like "I'm glad we had this conversation. What can we do to ensure our friendship stays intact?" Making sure he knows you're okay will reduce the chance he disappears because of imagined hurt feelings or lingering feelings he can't return.

4. Take a step back
If you're loving on a friend and he considers you his gal pal only, chances are you value your relationship more than he does. So turn down the heat; stop dropping by his place with take out, be less available and see what happens. He may realize that you aren’t so available as he thought, which will in turn make him have to work harder for your attention. If he doesn’t, see #1 above!

5. Change your OWN your life.
No, don't chop off your hair and buy all new clothes. But DO take this opportunity to get yourself in shape and really own your look. When your confidence grows, it can increase your attraction factor ten-fold. Women who turn over a new leaf broadcast a new vibe of sex appeal and sassiness. Your friend may not know what hit him, and that can catapult you right out of the friend zone. Also, take this opportunity to fill your life with things you love and stop catering to your friend only. Start catering to you, make sure your needs get met, and once you do that, he would be silly not to follow you!

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