The 5 Best Places To Meet Men

The 5 Best Places To Meet Men [EXPERT]

Okay singles, get ready to mingle!

3. Gym/weight room. A large percentage of gym patrons are and probably always will be male. While you're sprinting on the treadmill, we recommend you do just that: sweat profusely and perhaps be slightly out of breath.

The place to meet a guy at the gym, however, is in the weight room. Take note: you do not need to be a fitness freak to walk into the weight room! Feel comfortable to pick up the five-pound dumbbells, smile and ask for help with your form. (Remember, men love to give advice and offer help, so the gym is the perfect opportunity for him to show up and be the hero.) Make a bit of eye contact. If he returns the glance, ask for help!

4. The Apple store. Time and again, the Apple store seems to be the place to be to meet and greet. Guys tend to be interested in tech gadgets and the Apple Store can be a favorite stop for the guy who wants to make a purchase, browse or get help fixing his hard drive.

Don't have a Mac? That's okay. You can get anything there, from advice to a bag for your laptop, to a guy! Weekends tend to have the most people in the store, so bring a friend or go solo; maybe you need a "genius" to look at your hard drive. When all is done, strike up a conversation about the pros and cons of the Macbook Air with the guy in line next to you and see where it goes from there. They've even started documenting the number of committed relationships and marriages that have started in an Apple store, so make yourself one of the statistics.

5. Online dating. Whether you've embraced it yet or not, online dating is the best bet to get your dating mojo flowing. To begin, the guys you're going to meet are going to be single and available.

Next, it's a great opportunity to practice dating basics such as flirting, setting boundaries, being in your feminine energy and getting your needs met. One out of every four marriages today starts online and there are a variety of sites you can try to see what's right for you. Right now our Dating with Dignity clients are finding love on,, and, too. Remember, there is a site for you. So don't be afraid to go off the beaten path and discover one that meets your needs. It doesn't have to be popular to work!