What Can Celebrity Breakups Teach Us?

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With such a high divorce rate, there are 5 things you can do to help ensure a lasting relationship!

As a real life Cupid, I have been a bit depressed about all of these Hollywood couples splitting lately. Katie Perry and Russell Brand filed for divorce, Jessica Lange and Sam Sheppard separate after 30 years, Chaz Bono and his fiance call it quits, there are rumors that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are heading for splitsville after more than a decade and two kids together, Demi and Ashton are going through a rough divorce and Sinead O'Connor ends her 4th marriage after 18 days, beating Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage. Most recently in the media, there are reports that Heidi Klum and Seal have separated. Did Faith Play A Role In Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Split?

Is there something in the water? With Valentine's Day fast approaching, warm fuzzy thoughts of  fairy tale romance and marriages that last a lifetime swirl around in my head. Hollywood couples have the pressure of being away from each other a lot more than the average couple, because of their work. Also, the men celebs have a challenge fending off the nubile beauties willing to do anything for a night, or a few minutes with them. So many guys just do not seem to have the will power to say no and figure, heck, I'm a celebrity and that's one of the perks. I remember talking to a well known actor who was dating one of my friends many years ago about this very thing. He said that he was a nerd in high school and couldn't get a date if his life depended on it. As a celebrity, women literally threw themselves at him, and he just couldn't resist the temptation. My friend was always crying over the fact that he was always cheating and they finally broke up.

The divorce rate is high in general for our culture, so what can we do to ensure a lasting union? Here are five tips to keep your relationship on the right track:

1. Appreciate each other. It is so easy to take your partner for granted. When you look at your honey, try to look at him in the same light as when you first met. What did you find endearing about him in the first place?

2. Take time to connect every day. A ten second kiss and hug before rushing out the door to work, some words of encouragement, a love note slipped in your partner's pocket to find later in the day or a little foot massage after a hard day goes a long way to keeping the connection between the two of you strong. Affection Is Key To Keeping Love Alive

3. When you do argue, keep it fair and to the point. Many couples tend to pull all the punches, dredging up past mistakes or hurts, not listening to the other persons point of view or name calling and shouting. Every couple argues, but try to maintain some civil rules and remind each other that you are partners and best friends. Respect means everything to a healthy relationship.

4. Keep yourself in shape and looking good. After years together, that old cliche, "she let herself go after we got married" is often true. The excitment will never be as high as when the relationship was new, so as the years go by, you want to make sure that you keep your partner interested by looking your best and showing him that you care. Also, the more fit you are, the better you feel about yourself in general, and you will have more energy and vitality to do the things that you want to do together. 4 Muscle Groups To Focus On If You Want *Earth-Shattering* Orgasms

5. Support his interests. So...he loves football and you would rather stick needles in your eyes than watch a game. Why not make him a sandwich, chill a couple of beers and tell him to enjoy, while you go out and get a manicure or spend some time with your girlfriends? He will think, "wow, I have such a cool woman, she doesn't whine or complain that I'm spending some time chilling and enjoying my interests." How To Manage His Love Of Football