Swipe The Right Way to Quality Relationships with LinkedUp!

Online dating and dating apps are all the rage these days. Start getting LinkedUp!

Online dating and dating apps are all the rage these days. Sit in a coffee shop long enough and you will observe that awkward preliminary meeting followed by obvious disappointment on the girl’s face when she realizes that her dream guy is not what his profile claims. What if you can eliminate the “catfishes” and see their real photo, know where they actually attended school and what they really do for a living? Thanks to the new dating app LinkedUp! you can.

In the trust hierarchy of social media sites, LinkedIn is king. Each user’s profile is designed to highlight their achievements and successes. A professional headshot completes the profile rather than the strategically angled selfies that is typical of other social media channels. If recruiters trust LinkedIn enough to contact potential candidates, why not trust it for a potential date? With LinkedUp! you can rest assured that your potential match will not just be looking for a quick fling.

The idea for LinkedUp! was a long time coming for President and CEO Max Fischer. He and his friends had already been using the career networking site to find quality dates. There was just one problem: flirting with someone on a professional site can quickly turn into a tricky situation; after all, LinkedIn is a professional network. This is where LinkedUp! steps in. After downloading LinkedUp! from the App Store  setting up your profile is simple. LinkedUp! pulls information from your LinkedIn profile and allows those viewing you to see the industry you work in, your Alma Mater and if you share connections. You can swipe through an unlimited number of profiles, anonymously liking or passing on them in the process. LinkedUp! offers a safe and trusted dating environment.

The average full-time American employee spends about 1,700 hours per year at their job. Work takes up a large portion of our daily lives and influences our daily lifestyle decisions. LinkedUp! connects to your LinkedIn profile and allows you to create a profile where potential matches can gain a much better sense of who you are and what you do. Once both parties have matched, LinkedUp! opens up the channels so you can chat with each other and maybe plan that (non awkward) first date.

When out at a bar, many individuals are wary of introducing themselves out of fear of rejection. However, when you've already matched with someone, whether it is through common industries, shared connections or rival crosstown colleges why not take a chance and make the first move?

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