The Most Beautiful Woman In The World


What is considered beautiful? Is our standard of beauty too narrow?

Recently I was watching the television show Dr Drew. He had a show about bullying. One of his guests was an amazing 23- year- old woman called Lizzie Velasquez. I had not heard of Lizzie before seeing the show, but she made such a impact on me. Online bullies have called Lizzie the "ugliest woman in the world."

Lizzie writes on her website, "the syndrome that I am living with is so rare that it is to this day undiagnosed. There are only 3 people in the world including myself who have it.  I've seen many different research doctors throughout my life and there just aren't any answers.  The main symptom of the syndrome is that I'm not able to gain weight. Right now I only weigh about 60 lbs. I have zero percent body fat as well.  I'm also blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other. I eat whatever I want all day long and just can't keep the pounds on."

So, oviously, Lizzie looks different from the "norm"  often causing people to stare and sometimes cyber bully her just for being different. One of the reasons this story impacted me so much is because in my work as a matchmaker, I am constantly trying to get singles to be more open- minded about ther requsts for the "perfect"  looking partner. Women will often not settle for anything less than tall, dark and handsome (as we were conditioned from childhood to think that is what the perfect man looks like, from fairy tales such as Cinderella) and men, bless them, being the visual creatures that they are, go so far as to insist upon a certain cup size, eye color, hair color and length.  I have had insanely specific requests such as "toned thighs", "a heartshaped face", and "almost anorexic."

It saddens me that our society has become so conditioned from advertising that we adhere to one standard of beauty. Humans are a kaleidoscope of intelligence, beauty, creativity and love. I encourage singles to open themselves to finding that heart connection and seeing the magnificence in someone that might not be what you see walking down the runway in Paris or in a James Bond film.

The bullies that spew insults at Lizzie are nothing more than thugs with low self- esteem and should be ashamed of themselves. Lizzie handles it all with grace and class. In my opinion, Lizzie is the most beautiful woman in the world!